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After Zurich and Antwerp, the city of Paris hosts the exhibition The Word of Steve McCurry. This retrospective, dedicated to the American photographer, presents more than 160 large-format photographs and people can admire his most iconic images, as well as his most recent and unpublished ones, realized throughout his 40 years of career.

The exhibition, curated by Biba Giacchetti, proposes a long journey in The World of Steve McCurry, from Afghanistan to India, from Southeast Asia to Africa, form Cuba to the United States, from Brazil to Italy.

The scenography, designed by Peter Bottazzi immerses the visitor in a labyrinth of images. Here there is no chronological or geographical order, but rather we are encouraged to stray into McCurry’s photography and see the world through his eyes.

The exhibition will be open until May 29th 2022, at Musée Maillol.
For more information visit the website of the museum.