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Materia Impura – Lorenzo Vitturi, foam Amsterdam

Materia Impura is the exhibition where Lorenzo Vitturi collects 10 years of his work about the changing reality of big cities: Dalston Anatomy, Droste Effect, Debris and Other Problems and Money Must Be Made.

Materia Impura © Lorenzo Vitturi

It can be also considered the first result of the new project Caminantes, which draws inspiration from his family origins: his father, from Venice, opened a Murano glass factory in Peru. Vitturi combines two different cultures with the respective materials and shows that no elements can be pure.

Materia Impura © Lorenzo Vitturi

His goal is to analyze the temporary nature of globalized world, capturing with photography, sculpture and painting what is instable by definition: change.

Materia Impura is open from Oct. 18th 2019 to Jan. 19th 2020 at Foam, Amsterdam. For more information about tickets and entrace, visit the exhibition’s website.

Lorenzo Vitturi is represented by Sudest57. For collaborations and new projects, contact us at info@sudest57.com

Lorenzo Vitturi is represented by Sudest57. For more information about his activities, contact us.

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