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Joey L. – Welcome to Raqqa

Joey L. returned to Syria to witness the fights of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) Alliance. His journey began in Kobane, the city along the Turkish-Syrian border. Through Al Hishah, Al Twelaa and Tal Saman he reached the camps on the frontline of Raqqa, capital of Isis’ self proclaimed caliphate.

During this journey, he had the chance to meet and photograph Rojda Felat, SDF General Commander of “Wrath of the Euphrates” operation. She is in chief to coordinate all the forces in order to isolate and surround the city of Raqqa. 

You can read the full post and see the photos on this link.

Rooftop camp on the frontline of Raqqa © Joey L.
Zilan and Arin, members of YPJ, prep a PKM machine gun in an ammunition storage shed © Joey L.
An SDF fighter from Raqqa walks to ISIS-occupied Tal al-Samam to fight © Joey L.
Rojda Felat © Joey L.

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