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Interpose, Eolo Perfido – Verona, Isolo17

Eolo Perfido‘s street photography images will be on display in Verona from Oct. 16th 2020. During Grenze, the festival of contemporary and international photography in Verona, opens Interpose, the exhibition with the images captured on the streets of the world by our Walking Photographer.

man in the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin
Berlin © Eolo Perfido

Interpose at Grenze Festival

Eolo Perfido selected his street photography images based on the theme of this year’s festival, Als Ob, “a German word that feeds the illusion that reality is something else. Used before the subjunctive, it already has the reasonable doubt within it”.

street photography by eolo perfido
Japan © Eolo Perfido

From these words, Eolo Perfido develops an exhibition about observing, that he defines as “an art that manifests itself through the expert gaze, the only one capable of interposing itself between infinite points of view, to reveal those secrets that are hidden along the borders of the moment. Street photography is not only form, but delicate visual poetry whose verses are shadows, movements, glances and unexpected relationships suggested by that geometric deception which is the shot”.

Interpose is composed by sixteen black and white prints, in 68x45cm, on display at galleria Isolo17 in Verona. Come and discover it from Oct. 16th. More information about entrances on the festival website.

locandina Eolo Perfido mostra Interpose Verona street photography

Contact us to have more information about Eolo Perfido‘s fine art print.

Eolo Perfido is represented by Sudest57. For more information about his activities, contact us.

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