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Icons 5.7 – Whitelight Art Gallery Copernico, Milano

A little collection, an extract of photographic mastery. This is Icons 5.7, open from Dec. 5th 2018 to Feb. 28th 2019 at Whitelight Art Gallery, in via Copernico, Milano. We selected the best photographs of four masters, all four with very different styles: Steve McCurry, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Eolo Perfido and Christian Cravo.

Art Boxes

The most important five images for every of these four photographs are collected in the Art Boxes of the exhibition: boxes designed by Anders Weinar, in edition of seven, entirely hand-crafted.

Iconic pictures of the photographs

Two Art Boxes with Steve McCurry‘s pictures. The first one includes his greatest icons, as the Afghan girl, prints now almost run out on the market. The second box gathers his most famous portraits, with people of endangered ethnic group, as the elder with his proud look and his pointed orange beard of Rabari people or the Kuchi shepard, a nomadic people from northern India.

Dust Storm
Rajasthan, India, 1983 © Steve McCurry
Rabari Tribal Elder
Rajasthan, India, 2010 © Steve McCurry

Five among Gian Paolo Barbieri‘s iconic fashion shots, with a unique style, renowned all over the world. In addition, the photographer who won a Lucie Award wants to make unique his creations with specific interventions on prints.

Violet © Gian Paolo Barbieri
Rainbow © Gian Paolo Barbieri

Clownville is the personal project chosen by Eolo Perfido: five dark clowns with their disturbing faces for one of the most relevant advertising photographer of italian scene. Besides his gothic side, Eolo Perfido is a tireless street photographer, who goes around the world looking for daily, but extraordinary situation to capture.

Rocker © Eolo Perfido
Screamer © Eolo Perfido

The photographs with endless landscapse and wild animals compose the box of Icons 5.7 by Christian Cravo, the Brazilian photographer who won Guggenheim Fellowship in 2001. Black and white images about African nature out of time, with elephants, wilderbeast and lions.

Wilderbeast migration, Tanzania 2012 © Christian Cravo
Elephant and Calf, Kenya 2011© Christian Cravo

The exhibition is organized by Sudest57 and Whitelight Art Gallery. It will be open from Dec. 5th 2018 to Feb. 28th 2019, at Whitelight Art Gallery, via Copernico, in Milano, by appointment only. To book a visit, you can visit whitelightart.it and contact the gallery.

Eolo Perfido is represented by Sudest57. For more information about his activities, contact us.

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