Stephan Vanfleteren

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Stephan Vanfleteren (1969) is primarily known to the public for his insightful black-and-white portraits, but his work has ranged from reportage to documentary and also includes artistic and personal images. From street photography in cities of the world like New York to the Rwandan genocide, from shop facades to the mystical landscapes of the Atlantic Wall, from still lifes to intense portraits. Vanfleteren, in his texts, reflects on how his work and the photographic genre as a whole have evolved over the years of his personal journey. He photographed his country, Belgium (which became a major book project), and many news events from the 1990s, which were documented through his lens. Around 2000, Vanfleteren began to focus on what is disappearing. With scrupulous attention to nuances, he has created a visual archive of his homeland and his fellow Belgians, in his inimitable style. In recent years, Vanfleteren has brought the world into his studio by photographing with natural light, resulting in many incredible encounters and portraits. In 2019, Stephan Vanfleteren celebrated his career with a major retrospective exhibition that filled the entire building of the Antwerpen Fotomuseum. This year he is preparing a new incredible exhibition for the next fall... In collaboration with Sudest57, Stephan Vanfleteren is available for photoshoot assignments and special projects. To see his work contact Sudest57 or visit the website