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In Search of Elsewhere – Steve McCurry’s new book

In Search of Elsewhere, Steve McCurry‘s new book, will be released on November 24th, but we can have a look at the new stunning photographs in this publication.

in search of elsewhere McCurry cover
The new book by Steve McCurry

In Search of Elsewhere, unseen images

The pandemic forced Steve McCurry at home for long time, like never before. As photographer, McCurry was used to travel for most of the year, since he was only 20 years old and left USA for India. So, in this period, he decided to put his hands to his archive, re-discovering many unpublished images from his past works: the photos from the journeys in Afghanistan, in Kashmir, in Burma and Cambodia, in Germany, as well as in India and Africa.

In Search of Elsewhere shows how McCurry’s first goal has always been to tell stories of people he met and places he visited, and not only to report photographs and news to western newspapers.

Iceberg in Antarctica
Antarctica, 2019 © Steve McCurry
figures through smoke and fire of a catholic procession in Guatemala
Guatemala 2017 © Steve McCurry

The world in a book

In Search of Elsewhere is Steve McCurry’s first book that includes images from all continents. Recently, in fact, the photographer has shot in the most remote places on earth, such as in Antarctica, in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and in the endless desert steppes of Mongolia. These trips have brought him into contact with pristine environments and, for this reason, in danger.

In Search of Elsewhere collects the photos that Steve McCurry cares about the most, those in which he highlights and gives the right emphasis to a dimension of precariousness: cultures in danger of extinction due to the arrival of modernity, such as that of the populations of Tibet; threatened ethnic groups, such as those in the splendid portraits taken between Kashmir and India, and now also nature, with its landscapes as enchanting as they are delicate and seriously threatened by man.

a man gathering lotus in Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 1997 © Steve McCurry
two boys playing in front of the Baobab Avenue, Morondava, Madagascar
Madagascar 2019 © Steve McCurry

To order the book, you can visit Steve McCurry’s website and select the language you prefer.

Are you interested in these extraordinary images? Visit our fine art page or contact us for more information: we can help you in finding Steve McCurry’s picture for you.

colorful venetian buildings' reflections in a canal
Venice, Italy, 2011 © Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is represented by Sudest57. For more information about his activities, contact us.

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