Steve McCurry


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Exhibition Overview

Steve McCurry’s food photos tell about food life cycle, from production to consumption. The meaning goes beyond their aesthetic value and forces us to a deeper reflexion and awareness effort on how food, fundamentally important for life, is actually present in different ways on different parts of the Planet.

Food exhibition desires to transfer the details of a story into the universal dimension of an epic tale. Every photo is a paradigm. This applies to the moving images of people who consume their meal in solitude or in pain, and to the fragments of markets where fish, fruits or spices overcome the limit of the gaze and transmit smell, taste, emotional participation into a reality that, despite the differences, brings us back to the equality of human beings that share a piece of history, world, life.

The same goes for the part dedicated to work, preparation and exchange of food, which preserves the sacred dignity of life. And the same goes for the shots where eating together means conviviality, sharing and symbolic exchange.

Steve McCurry’s images, in a crescendo of emotions consisting of shapes, colours and sincere participation, take us there, where somebody always prevents us from going, towards an ideal convivium where the face features, the skin colour, the clothes, the places and the habits mix up in a large humanity pot that makes us feel united despite our differences. It makes us feel part of the large world canteen.

Exhibition Photos

Selected Works

Technical Details

The exhibition is composed by 75 color prints in 70x100cm, mounted on DBOND 3mm.

The authorized catalog of the exhibition is now sold out.

The exhibition is supplied by videos.

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