Steve McCurry


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Exhibition Overview

Devoted to mountain lands and peoples, the exhibition is a journey through the world's high altitude places. Afghanistan, Tibet, Mongolia, Japan, Brazil, Burma, but also Philippines, Morocco and Yemen: the photos tell of the symbiosis between peoples, animals and landscapes in accordance with the McCurry expressive trademark: the 128 images describe his untiring desire to explore, discover ad narrate the world. Like all McCurry's work, the photographs on show are a homage to lives spent poised between danger and resourcefulness, condemning the human and environmental abuses perpetrated around the world.
The exhibition is supplemented by the Icons Room in which Steve McCurry's career is summed up in eleven of his best known photographs. These include the famous 1984 Afghan Girl portrait with her magnetic gaze.

Exhibition Photos

Selected Works

Technical Details

The exhibition includes 128 color prints, mounted on DBOND 3mm, in three different sizes:

  • 53 prints in 50x60cm
  • 72 prints in 70x100cm
  • 3 prints in 100x150cm

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