Elliott Erwitt


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Exhibition Overview

The exhibition Elliott Erwitt. Family is composed by 60 black and white shots that explore the various facets of the ineffable, all-encompassing concept of family. The photographs of the celebrated photographer Elliott Erwitt have immortalised moments in the daily lives of key figures of the last century, without omitting any opportunity for delicate irony in his work.

The family has played a role of primary importance for the artist, due to the countless nuances contemplated by its significance. Nothing is in fact more absolute and relative, changing, universal and as special as this theme.

The family has to do with genetics, social matters, law, safety, protection, and abuse; happiness and unhappiness. It is an institution that today like never before is everything and nothing and that manages to both warm the soul and cause tempers to flare.

The 60 pictures selected by Erwitt himself alternate ironic images with daily life scenes, nude weddings, large or very unique families, metaphors and open endings. Through his romantic style, which is powerful while at the same time light, the artist conveys the message that we can be the family we want to be and experience similar states of mind, regardless of the importance of the role we play in the world.

Exhibition Photos

Selected Works

Technical Details

The exhibition includes 58 black and white prints, framed and with passepartout, in three different sizes:

  • 9 prints in 30x45cm (framed 45x60cm)
  • 4 prints in 66x100cm (framed 85x115cm)
  • 45 prints in 45x60cm (framed 55x75cm)

The exhibition is supplied with an exclusive video interview to Elliott Erwitt and with a catalog pulished by Sole 24Ore.

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