girl holding her phone

Eolo Perfido


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Exhibition Overview

Tokyoites - like foreigners call the people of Tokyo - look like they are always on the run. They walk fast just like they always know where they are headed, with their eyes stuck on their smartphones any time they have to stop, on a subway or at a traffic light. This is the theme of Tokyoites, the exhibition with Eolo Perfido's photographs.

The Gaijin's eye - Japanese word meaning "someone external to Japan" - helps Eolo Perfido spotting some of the most common details about the majority of the Tokyoites: their appearance in public is the center around which he has been building his street photography ongoing work.

Able to get isolated onto a wall just to answer a phone call or consulting a map, Tokyoites define a quite unique concept of personal space. The contrast between the high density population and the isolation of the individual is evident. Citizens quickly move non stop among streets, stations, synchronized like in a dance, quietly and in order without clashing, without bothering each other.

Selected Works

Technical Details

The exhibition includes 32 prints in 50x70cm, mounted on DBOND 3mm.

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