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Elliott Erwitt


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Exhibition Overview

Elliott Erwitt Icons can be seen as visual concentrate of Elliott Erwitt's genius, offering a sense of his lengthy professional career and featuring not only his most famous photographs, but also those he himself prefers. The exhibit offers a fascinating cross section of history and customs, interpreted with Erwitt's ineffable irony and surreal tendency, at times powerfully romantic. 

Elliott Erwitt Icons is also a collection of the most important persons of history: the meeting between Nixon and Kruschiev, Kennedy at a Democratic Convention, the image of Jackie at the funeral of his husband; the portrait of Che Guevara, all of his Marilyns, the picture on the set of Misfits, the Grace Kelly's engagement, Marlene Dietrich, the match between Alì and Frazier, but also his loved pictures by the public for their romantic and intimate strength, as California Kiss or his first daughter on the bed with her mother. 

Let's not forget the most ironic Erwitt, as for example with the picture of the wedding in Bratsk, with his double meaning and open end, and his funny and anthropomorphic dogs. 

Finally, the exhibition includes also a collection of self portraits: Erwitt likes especially to make fun of himself. 

The exhibition is supplied with a big format catalog, where every image goes along with a part of a chat between Erwitt and Biba Giacchetti, the curator of the exhibition, to find out the secrets, adventures and the sense of each photo of the master of photography. 

Exhibition Photos

Selected Works

Technical Details

The exhibition includes 72 black and white prints, framed and with mat, in three different sizes:

  • 21 prints in 50x60cm (58x77cm with frame)
  • 41 prints in 40x50cm (47x62cm with frame)
  • 10 prints in 30x40cm (41,5x45cm with frame)

The exhibition is supplied with a video and with the catalog Elliott Erwitt’s Photographs:

  • Editor: Sudest57
  • Format: Softcover with fold outs, 28,5×38,5cm
  • Pages: 80
  • Illustration: 38
  • Available languages: Italian

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