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Biba Giacchetti and Sudest57 are always by Steve McCurry’s side and we are happy with the success of this new big and serious adventure we shared. We also owe a special thanks to Italian government, because our country has proved again to be the best. That’s how it went down through Steve McCurry’s words in the last press release.

The legendary photographer, Steve McCurry and his sister, Bonnie McCurry are delighted to announce that, together with the British-American charity, Future Brilliance, and with the support of the Italian government, and Metagood, they have been able to bring the famous icon of Afghan female refugees, Sharbat Gula, to safety. 
“This is the most incredible news to receive on Thanksgiving Day”, said Bonnie.” It is truly a godsend and this rescue mission has been a group effort from the start. Steve is grateful for the humanitarian gesture  of the Italian government, and the generous  financial support of Metagood.
Six weeks ago, Bonnie reached out to Future Brilliance and its founder Sophia Swire, the British philanthropist and investor who has a 30 year track record of impact for women in Afghanistan. She told Sophia that Sharbat Gula wanted to be evacuated with her family.  They swung into action, considering all the various country options. Sharbat Gula told Bonnie that she wanted to seek asylum in Italy. Sophia and her team activated the Future Brilliance network in Afghanistan and, together with the McCurry family, arranged the necessary paperwork, visas and logistics.

“It’s a dream come true”, said Bonnie. “Of all the countries in the world she could have chosen, Sharbat chose Italy.  Steve and Bonnie have many friends there and believe that Sharbat will be warmly welcomed. Sharbat is incredibly grateful to the Italian people, and we are all deeply grateful to the Italian government for their support and generosity”.