Sudest57 was founded in 2002, by partners Biba Giacchetti and Giuseppe Ceroni. Their innovative concept was to create a connection between international photographers and companies of distinction, in order to conceive and execute high-level commercial and corporate assignments.

The agency was strongly influenced by world-renowned photographer, Elliott Erwitt, whom the agency represented, and the founders’ lifelong friend. When Steve McCurry joined, the agency expanded its reach to fine art commissions and exhibitions.

Today, Sudest57 still produces corporate assignments, but has earned a reputation for its outstanding exhibitions, catalogues, the relationship with its fine art collectors, and the capability to scout new talent.

On a corporate level, Sudest57 develops and publishes catalogues, books and other publications. Sudest57 also selects photographers for special assignments, such as private family portraits, celebrities’ portfolios, and company management portraits, and offers support in all aspects of production ranging from scouting locations to casting.

Sudest57 organizes photographic exhibitions and installations for both international museums and private corporations. The agency also circulates a number of ready-made exhibitions. Sudest57 maintains a close relationship with artists and supports them in their personal projects and development.

Additionally, Sudest57 works with numerous private and public collectors, and organizes lectures and workshops that are open to the community.

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