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Photography: 4 Icons – ONO Arte Contemporanea, Bologna

The Photography: 4 Icons exhibition starts from our Icons 5.7 project. Five Art Boxes that contain prints from four of our greatest photographers’ production: Steve McCurry, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Eolo Perfido and Christian Cravo.

The exhibition will be open at the ONO Arte Contemporanea Gallery, in Bologna, from 27th April to 27th May, in via Santa Margherita, 10.
Free entry.
From Tuesdays to Thursdays: 10am-1pm and 3.30pm-8pm
Fridays and Saturdays: 10am-1pm and 3.30pm-9pm
Sundays: 4pm-8pm
Closed on Mondays

More information about the Icons 5.7 project at www.icons57.com

Eolo Perfido is represented by Sudest57. For more information about his activities, contact us.

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