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Lorenzo Vitturi – Jugalbandi, T293, Rome

Jugalbandi is a unique exhibition by Lorenzo Vitturi in his artistic practice: colorful and handmade tapestries, made with traditional looms by Indian artisans. In this exhibition, Vitturi deepens the collaborative practice behind the creation of a piece of art.

© Lorenzo Vitturi

In fact, Jugalbandi means “entwined twins”. It is the name of an Indian musical performance: two people who are neither sole soloist nor solely accompanying. It alludes to the structure chosen for the creation of the works, the result of a team-work between Lorenzo Vitturi and the craftsmen from Rajasthan. It’s here where the artist found inspiration for his project, during a journey among the rural communities and local weaver of the Indian region.

The exhibition, organized with Jaipur Rugs Foundation, will be open from Oct. 3rd to Nov. 13th 2020, at T293 gallery, via Ripense 6, Rome.

Vitturi Roma Jugalbandi
Vitturi Roma Jugalbandi
Vitturi Roma Jugalbandi

Lorenzo Vitturi is represented by Sudest57. For more information about his activities, contact us.

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