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Thirteen dogs, six zebus, six camels, three horses, some fishes and then monkeys, elephants, a walrus and an iguana. These and many others are all the animals captured by Steve McCurry‘s camera and selectioned by Biba Giacchetti to build up the exhibition Animals.

Steve McCurry has always paid attention to the most fragile people of society. His photographs are focused on civilians in wars, on endangered ethnic groups or on children. Animals, who share joys and pains with their human partners, could not be excluded. 

“Steve McCurry explores the human genre and through his images he offers us a journey in the proximity of animal planet, he speaks about relations and consequences. He invites us to reflect that we are not alone in the world, that there is a strong sharing between living beings, that is the mystery of life, that humans and animals share emotions and the same earth, which can be ruined only by the first ones.”.
-Biba Giacchetti

This exhibition will remain open until May 1st 2022 and it can be visited at Palazzina di Caccia, in Stupinigi.
For more informations visit the website: https://mostramccurry.com/