This extensive portfolio contains the only comprehensive collection of the unrivalled portraits by Steve McCurry, known and loved the world over for his beautiful and enduring images of the landscapes and cultures of South and Southeast Asia. The collection includes the most iconic as well as previously unknown portraits of the most remarkable faces he has encountered whilst travelling throughout the world, collected together in an engaging and moving series of unique street portraits: unposed, unstylized images of people that reveal the true universality of the depths of human emotion.

An intriguing collection of unposed and engaging colour portraits of people from all backgrounds and corners of the globe, this book offers a world-wide look at real people from places as diverse as Yemen, Mali, Niger, the USA, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), France and the former Yugoslavia; unstylized portraits of children, adolescents and adults from all walks of life that reveal humanity's commonality as well as the variety of our personal adornment.

Including the famous Afghan Girl photograph, and equally memorable images ranging from a bejewelled Indian bride to a Paraguayan cowboy, Steve McCurry Portraits features nearly 250 photographs in all.

First released in 1999, Steve McCurry Portraits has become a coveted and revered classic. 'The global reach of the work, and the knowledge of humanity reflected in it, is breathtaking', described The Sunday Times and Life magazine extolled McCurry's talent for 'catching people with their guard down [which] is on ample display in this ... collection of faces from around the world ... the images speak to the shared humanity of diverse peoples.' This fresh new edition, expanded to feature more photographs than before, includes some never-previously-published photographs and creates an up-to-date and unrivalled collection of McCurry's portraiture.

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  • Publisher: Phaidon
  • Format: Hardback, 18,4 x 12,4 cm
  • Pages: 496
  • Illustrations: 247
  • Available Languages: English
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