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Behind Garrigosa Studio we find Joan Garrigosa, photographer and founder, and Alex Torrens, Digital Artist & Art Director, collaboration that exceeds 12 years. Both have adapted very well to the fast change between the traditional photography to the digital photography, where in the demanding World of advertising is taking more weight specially with the entrance of the postproduction.

The house style is a photography with a lot of postproduction but with photo realistic results.

Joan began as a photographer doing social reportage, followed by industrial photo work. Gradually he started collaborating with some advertising agencies in Barcelona. After a while, greater versatility has allowed him to work in all photo fields and for all type of client and projects, both domestic and international.


Garrigosa Studio has won many international awards in the past years. Here is an excerpt of it:

Cannes Lions – International Advertising Festival.

  • 2011 Silver. Outdoor cars category (ford)
  • 2011 Silver. Outdoor cars category (ford)
  • 2007 Silver. Travel, Transportation and Tourism category (Century travel)
  • 2006 Gold. Ong Category (Survival)
  • 2006 Silver: Social work category (Survival)
  • 2005 Silver: social work againstdrugs (Fundacion Ramon Rubial)
  • 2002 Gold: alcoholic Beverage Category (Frutos de Mar )

New York Festivals

  • 2007 Silver: Fashio category (Mango)
  • 2004 Silver: Cleaning products and perfumery (Glassex)
  • 2003 Bronze. Pharmaceutical Products Category (Alka Seltzer)

Fiap – Festival Iberoamericano de publicidad

  • 2006 Bronze. Ongs category (Survival)
  • 2005 Silver. Media category (Debolsillio)
  • 2003 Bronze. Pharmaceutical products Category (Alka Seltzer)
  • 2002 Silver: Alcoholic Beverage Category (Gonzales Byass)

El Sol – Festival Iberoamericano de la comunidad publicitaria

  • 2011 Silver. Vehicles, Accessories and Services (Ford)
  • 2008 Gold. Billboard. Institutions and services (PSC)
  • 2006 Bronze. Ongs Category (Survival)
  • 2005 Gold. Cleaning Products and Perfumeru (Rimmel)

Epica – Europe’s Premier Creative Awards

  • 2011 Silver. Press (Sky) Media Category
  • 2005 Winner. Footwear & Personal accessories category (Bagues)
  • 2005 Silver. Advertising Photography (Nike)
  • 2005 Silver. Advertising (Fundacion Ramon Rubial)
    • 2005 Bronze. Media Category (Debolsillio)

LUX – Association of Professional Photographers (Spain)

  • 2008 Gold. Advertising
  • 2008 Gold. Advertising
  • 2008 Silver. Fashion & Beauty
  • 2007 Bronze. Still Life
  • 2007 Bronze. Advertising
  • 2006 Gold. Personal Project.
  • 2006 Gold. Advertising.
  • 2006 Silver. Advertising
  • 2005 Gold. Advertising.
  • 2005 Gold. Still life
  • 2005 Silver. Advertising.
  • 2005 Bronze. Advertising.
  • 2005 Bronze. Still life.