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NOMADS – JOEY L, Palazzo Gil, Campobasso

The exhibition NOMADS by Joey L. at Palazzo Gil, as part of the schedule of the Molichrom Festival (festival of nomadic photography), features some work from Mongolia, Kurdistan & India, as well as new, unreleased work from Ethiopia.

“To live a nomadic existence is to surrender to the land. It is to follow the rhythm of the natural environment, moving place to place depending on the the fertility of the soil, the flood cycle of the river, or the movement of
animals. The nomad’s concept of home may not be a specific physical place. Home is the hive-mind of the nation, tribe or clan which travels together on the land of their ancestors. The nomad’s ancestors have passed down the necessary skills to survive, and rooted their history within myths and legends.” – JOEY LAWRENCE

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Opening: from June 24 to July 31 2021

You can find more information about tickets and entrances at the website of the venue.