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Family – Elliott Erwitt, Mudec, Milano

Family portraits, desperate housewives, and tender dads. Numerous, different and unexpected family situation portraited by Elliott Erwitt and included in the exhibition Family, open at Mudec Photo in Milano from Oct. 16th 2019.

The curator, Biba Giacchetti, makes clear that “niente è più assoluto e relativo, mutevole, universale e altrettanto particolare come il tema della famiglia”. It is Elliott Erwitt’s ability to capture in his shots these different facets of what family means.

With Elliott Erwitt’s sixty black and white we travel through time, from Fifties, with the photo of his daughter Ellen, lying on the bed while his mother keep an eye on her, and then the proud and average American family, Jacqueline Kennedy at his husband’s funeral, until the new Millennium, with the Lavazza Calendar and the portrait of the young and pregnant women making coffee.

There are different families to identify with, or on which we diverge with a smile. This universal theme is a human issue which affects us all and it is portrayed by Elliott Erwitt with his unique, powerful, romantic and kindly ironic style.

The exhibition is curated by Biba Giacchetti, organized by 24ORE Cultura-Gruppo 24ORE and promoted by Comune di Milano-Cultura. For more information about entrances, please visit the exhibition’s website.

Elliott Erwitt is represented by Sudest57. For more information about renting Erwitt’s exhibitions and purchasing his fine art prints, visit our exhibitions’ webpage or contact us at info@sudest57.com

Elliott Erwitt is represented by Sudest57. For more information about his activities, contact us.

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