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Sacha Goldberger after having worked for 12 years as an artistic director in advertising, he decided to develop his personal research. Over time he has created several books, exhibitions and commissioned projects. Among his books "Je t'aime tout simplement" and "Bye Bye Mon Amour" by Edizioni Seuil and "Made in Love" by Edizioni Hoëbeke but also a series dedicated to his grandmother "Mamika", "Mamika & Co." and "Mamika: My Mighty Little Grandmother" which gives him notoriety especially in France. His first book sold 130,000 copies worldwide. His talent is further revealed with his series "Super Flemish" a "renaissance" interpretation of famous superheroes... He has been producing and directing his own series for 10 years, staged as film productions. Between 50 and 150 people work in each series. For example, the "Secret Eden" series required the collaboration of 130 people over a period of 3 years and led to the creation of 17 diptychs and 50 portraits at different times. Some of these series were printed in very large formats. In particular those of “Super Flemish”, printed in 7 meters high and also exhibited at the Austerlitz train station in Paris for more than a year in 2016. Sacha Goldberger travels through time with historical costumes and sets such as Villa Goupil by Jacques Couëlle, Oscar Niemeyer's CP Headquarters, Alvar Aalto's Louis Carré House, Thoiry Castle and André Wogenscky's Martha Pan Workshop. The most recent books are "Portraits Croises", "Alien Love" and "Les invisibles de l'Elysée". Sacha Goldberger is available to collaborate with brands or public companies to carry out special projects and advertising campaigns.