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Elliott Erwitt


Exhibition available for rental

Exhibition Overview

Kolor is the only retrospective exhibition of colour photos by Elliott Erwitt.

Curated by Biba Giacchetti, the exhibition is a unique and unprecedented event. The result is quite surprising in its elegant arrangement, use of colour, irony, at times even humorous touch, without mentioning Erwitt's versatile approach to photography that has made him so much loved and unique.

Only recently has Erwitt set off on a journey, which has taken him several months to sieve through his huge archive of colour photos, a technique he had decided to use only for his publishing, institutional, and advertising work. These pictures help us learn about a parallel and yet equally unique world.

Kolor collection includes also a selection of photos from André S. Solidor project, an alter ego of himself, with self-portraits, expressed through a production which is no longer based on random shots and intuition, as also well demonstrated in a short and funny video.

A multimedia section at the end of the exhibition features two videos about Erwitt's long career as a TV author and director, and two publications: Elliott Erwitt's kolor. by TeNeues and The Art of Andrè A. Solidor Aka Elliott Erwitt, by TeNeues.

Exhibition Photos

Technical Details

The exhibition includes 135 color prints, framed with passepartout, in three different sizes:

  • 101 prints in 50x60cm (framed 55x77cm)
  • 28 prints in 70x100cm (framed 85x115cm)
  • 6 prints in 30x40cm (framed 41,5x45cm)

The exhibition is supplied with two videos and two publications: Elliott Erwitt’s kolor, available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and published by TeNueues, and The Art of Andrè Solidor Aka Elliott Erwitt, published by TeNeues

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